Who is Michelle Browne?

I am a science fiction/urban fantasy author from Lethbridge, AB, Canada. I have a passion for writing and a love for the writing community that’s blossomed into an editing business. I am a Top-Rated freelancer on Upwork, and I’ve been editing for just over five years now. 

I started out studying health sciences, but after finishing my Bachelor’s degree, realized that it was just holding me back from my passions – writing and the arts. A few years later, I managed to start my business, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. With a life-long love for learning, I’ve acquired knowledge and studied a broad variety of topics. This gives me a surprising edge in editing – I know a little about almost everything, which helps me fact-check everything from science fiction to romance! 

More information about myself and my writing can be found on my About page.

Why Magpie Editing?

With a focus on being cost-effective yet detailed and thorough, I offer a variety of editing services. The most common service package includes a combination of substantive and light content editing, with line-editing (syntax, grammar, and error-checking) included. In other words, I copy-edit as well as offering stylistic suggestions, and provide some developmental advice. This set of services is best suited for a book that’s almost ready to be published, but I have other options for cases where more revisions appear beneficial.

I love working with other authors and helping them develop the best possible manuscript. The story and an author’s style are very important to me, and I’m always willing to adjust or revise my suggestions. My specialties are descriptions and character development; I also provide limited plot advice and fact-checking (where my knowledge is applicable).  Most editors only work in one or two areas. Signing up for a Magpie Edit means you’re getting more for less – from a person who really loves working with both people and books!

What are my manuscript requirements?

I accept manuscripts of between 1000-200,000 words. (If your manuscript is 200,000 words or more, please send a query about my increased rate.) I edit fiction of any genre, but occasionally work on non-fiction as well – including memoirs, how-to books, or self-help.

If you are interested, please contact me and attach the first chapter of your work or the first 2000 words. I’ll reply within a week. If you like what you see, I’ll let you know what my current projects are, and the expected time requirement.

How much will it cost?

Currently, I edit at a flat rate of USD $4.50/1000 words (as of December 15, 2018). I accept payment via Paypal.

How long will it take?

My current turn-around time is 2-4 months – subject to change, and depending on traffic rates.  I try to answer emails within three days.

What kind of editing style do you use?

I edit documents in Microsoft Word, using the Track Changes and Comment functions.

My personal style is warm, honest, and often colloquial. I want to make sure my authors feel able to achieve their dreams. The editing process creates an alliance – it’s not just surgery for your book!  By communicating in a straightforward way and telling you when you’ve done something well, you’ll find that my editing helps you improve, but also builds your confidence.

Other questions?

Feel free to drop me a line with the contract form, and I’ll do my best to help you!