Well-honed writing voice..

Michelle Browne has a well-honed writing voice that many editors lack and that is because she isn’t just an editor, she is a brilliant writer. And she will treat your manuscript like her own. I’d searched for an editor like this for 6 months and now that I have her, I selfishly don’t want to let her go!

Nick Sansbury Smith, The Biomass Revolution http://www.amazon.ca/Biomass-Revolution-Tisaian-Chronicles-ebook/dp/B00BU7UAJ8

Always spot on..

As a published author of 5 novels and 2 short stories–3 middle grade fantasy, 1 YA fantasy, 1 Sci-fi, and 2 NA dystopian–I can attest to the necessity of a professional and exceptional team. Michelle brings so much to the table. With years of her own writing experiences she is able to look at your work with the eye of a reader, an editor, and also an author. Her advice is always spot on, and delivered in a tactful, constructive manner. I trust on her to bring out the beauty in my stories and add that extra bit of sparkle where needed. I wouldn’t dream of publishing without the expertise of my team, and Michelle is an intricate part of that.

Encountered no better..

As an editor, I have encountered no better than Ms Browne. She is very thorough with her critique and very willing to give her expert advice. She has great insight in how a story should be written and gives several different scenarios in which the story could be written. I found her critique very helpful and have taken her advice and have begun rewrites of my latest book. Kudos to Michelle Browne. She is a top-notch editor.

Stood by me..

You stood by me, and had me take my time. You have no idea how much that means to me. You are so awesome, and if I ever make it BIG one day, there is no god, man or devil can get me to switch editor.

Providing peace of mind..

An editor is a necessary tool to take your book to the next level. I am glad I found Magpie Editing, and will be using her for all my future books.

Magpie Editing and Michelle eliminated my fears of editing, providing peace of mind throughout the whole process. With her skilled eyes, she found ways to polish my work for better flow and correct grammar, and with her developmental suggestions, she helped me add substantial depth to my story. She is able to accurately tell you what your story needs in a manner that is professional and compassionate. She helped transform my story from a good story to a GREAT one!”

Above and beyond..

Self-publishing is a tough business. When I published my first novel, I didn’t have a clue to what I was doing, I was like a baby taking her first steps. I had other editors before I met Michelle, and they were okay, but they didn’t seem the right fit. Then, I met Michelle, and everything changed. Michelle and I were already FB friends, so when she offered to take a look at a chapter of the novel I just published, I agreed. I was nervous waiting to hear back, thinking, oh this is it, she is going to prove that I am a horrible writer!! Nothing could be further from the truth. Michelle is through, helpful and honest. She also goes above and beyond. She doesn’t just put a red pen throughout your manuscript, she makes helpful suggestions on how to improve your story and make the best it can be. Michelle even helped me find my own voice. For years, I have been using the wrong voice, and it felt awkward, but since Michelle suggested I use first person present and set my stories in my home province of Newfoundland, writing feels natural now.  I have more confidence in my writing ability! I cannot recommend her enough.

Tina Traverse, author of the paranormal thriller trilogy: Scarlet Desire: Covet (book 1)

No reservation in recommending you..

My long-term perspective of my own book is that it had the bones and some meat for a story that would find an audience, but to be memorable, more work needed to be done. You’ve given me the insight I needed to see through the forest to the trees. Thanks. I’m looking forward to working with you on the next one. I’ve been at work on your edits. All I can say to date is that I’m glad Jim sent me your way. This is going to be a much better–told story because of your diligence. Thanks. I have no doubt that you will do well, and have no reservation in recommending you.

Lee Jackson
Curse the Moon https://www.amazon.ca/Curse-Moon-Historical-Thriller-Fiction-ebook/dp/B00H3HHXMG/r and Rasputin’s Legacy (not yet released)

Especially pleased..

Michelle edited my debut thriller novel and I was especially pleased with the outcome. We discussed editing strategies beforehand and she identified my intended goals before providing an expert edit within the predicted turnaround time and with cost effectiveness. Her edits were offered in a respectable, constructive manner with specific justifications for her comments and I especially liked that she transformed my manuscript into a much better product without losing my specific voice. Thanks, Michelle, for the care you took to make my manuscript more than I imagined it could be.

Jim Murray
Lethal Medicine https://www.amazon.ca/Lethal-Medicine-James-J-Murray/dp/1516860950/ Imperfect Murder (not yet released)

Attention to detail..

I’ve had other beta readers who have critiqued my work but Michelle went above and beyond the call of duty. Her notes are detailed, honest and a blast to read. It’s her attention to detail and the gift she has at telling you what needs to be fixed yet giving you things that she loved all rolled into one neat package that make her such an awesome editor. Her notes are the reason my book is where it is today!

R.A. Odum
Captured Minds (January 2013)

Has been invaluable..

Michelle has been a terrific help to me. Her feedback on my writing has been invaluable, and she has shared a lot of mature wisdom. She is punctual, with a strong eye for detail, and I would recommend her to many a published or aspiring author.

Ian Rideout

Far exceeded my hopes..

Michelle Browne far exceeded my hopes as an editor and a copyeditor. She pointed out where I needed to make the characters more real to my readers as well as areas of the book where I could improve transitions between paragraphs and chapters as well as where more and better dialogue was needed. It was always done in a gentle manner, but the message was there. She was just as quick to compliment something that she liked. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She has edited two books for me, one of which will be out shortly, Coyote in Provence. I have contracted with her to edit another one and she will be the one who will do all my editing from now on. If you’re interested in producing a high-quality book, your money will never be better spent! And she’s very reasonable! Michelle, I owe you a huge thanks!